April 6 – April 14

Houston Money Week 2024

Your Money on the Move. Your Future in Motion.
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What is HMW About?

Houston Money Week, a citywide initiative with a longstanding commitment to advancing financial literacy for all Houstonians, is embarking on an innovative journey to revolutionize financial education in our community. In a world of ever-changing economies and unprecedented challenges, we aim to empower every individual in the city of Houston with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive financially.

Our Mission & Vision

At Houston Money Week, we believe that knowledge is power, and financial literacy can be life-changing. Our vision is to create a free digital space, accessible to all, that will serve as a beacon of financial education and opportunity. This space will be a collaborative digital community where partners, industries, and vendors can come together to ensure that Houstonians don’t pay for what they don’t know.
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An Initiative of the City Controller’s Office

A Thank You To Our Partners

We would like to give a special thanks to our current partners.