Houston Money Week


What is HMW About?

Houston Money Week, a citywide initiative with a longstanding commitment to advancing financial literacy for all Houstonians, is embarking on an innovative journey to revolutionize financial education in our community. In a world of ever-changing economies and unprecedented challenges, we aim to empower every individual in the city of Houston with the knowledge, skills, and opportunity needed to thrive financially at no cost.

Our Mission & Vision

At Houston Money Week, we believe that knowledge is power, and financial literacy can be life-changing. Our vision is to create a free digital space, accessible to all, that will serve as a beacon of financial education and opportunity. This space will be a collaborative digital community where partners, industries, and vendors can come together to ensure that Houstonians don’t pay for what they don’t know.

Highlight Of Houston Money Week's Impact On The Community

Over the years, Houston Money Week (HMW) have created several positive financial impacts on the community through its efforts to promote financial education and empowerment. HMW have contributed to enhancing financial literacy levels in the community by providing educational resources and organizing events. As individuals gain a better understanding of financial concepts, they become more equipped to make informed decisions about budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt. The positive impacts can be outlined in our “Impact Reports”.

Houston Money Week Community Impact Since 2016

People Served
Over 112,000 Houstonians
Financial Literacy Events Held
46 Financial Literacy Events
Community Partner Participation
Averaging 140 Houston Money Week Partners Every Year

A Thank You To Our Partners

We would like to give a special thanks to our current partners.