Houston Money Week


Donating to Houston Money Week

At Houston Money Week, we are a dynamic coalition of diverse partnerships and stakeholders from At Houston Money Week, we represent a dynamic coalition of diverse partnerships and stakeholders from Houston’s leading financial institutions, government entities, nonprofit organizations, local businesses, and corporations. We share a common dedication to the solvency and prosperity of the City of Houston, with a deep investment in its economic well-being and the thriving future of its citizens. Your generous donations to our cause are instrumental in achieving our vision, and we are committed to using these funds with transparency and purpose. All donations must be sent by check to 901 Bagby Street, 8th Floor, Houston, TX 77002.

Vital Initiatives

Our pledge is to allocate donated funds thoughtfully and strategically, focusing on the following vital initiatives.

Digital Infrastructure Development

We recognize the paramount importance of providing free financial literacy resources to Houstonians, with minimal barriers to access. A substantial portion of donated funds will be dedicated to the development of our digital infrastructure. An administrative budget will be crucial to support the administrative ownership of Houston Money Week, ensuring the continuity of our mission. It will also include the creation of annual reports furnished to our partners and sponsors. These reports will provide an inspirational overview of our work, efforts, impact, and reach. They will also contain analytics addressing our results within various geographical sectors of Houston, enabling us to use census data to source and make available the resources that Houstonians need for financial literacy and empowerment.

Donated Funds

Donated funds will also support our signature events that have been engaging the City of Houston and our Legacy Partners for the past 15 years. Specifically, our Signature HMW Events include

1. The City-Wide Financial Capabilities Essay Contest, engaging all students regardless of district in both middle school and high school target markets.

2. Signature events that support various groups, including veterans, K-12 students (with the essay contest as a leading event in that group), entrepreneurship, seniors, college students, and small businesses. 

Your Generous Contributions

Your generous contributions will directly support these critical initiatives and signature events, breaking down financial barriers, providing valuable resources, and uplifting the financial literacy of Houstonians. We deeply appreciate your support and pledge to use your contributions responsibly and effectively. Together, we will create a future where financial literacy is accessible to all, enabling every Houstonian to embark on a path toward financial empowerment.